Welcome to dwhX

dwhX is a new digital platform conceived by the art association das weisse haus. It is dedicated to the collective experimentation, the support of and reflection on arts and culture in relation to digitality. dwhX embodies a hybrid organism with changing rhythms and intensities, and hosts a range of different programs with varying lifetimes. Interdependent with dwh’s physical exhibition space in Vienna, Austria, dwhX confidently positions itself as a necessarily incomplete and continuously learning entity. The platform grows thanks to the ongoing dialogues with an intersectional cohort of artists, designers, developers, curators, theoreticians, hackers, gamers, lovers and opponents of the digital and in cooperation with partners like the Interface Cultures Program at Kunstuniversität Linz.

We warmly invite you to dwell, move around and watch, listen, read or contemplate in your own time. In order to remind you that sleep is essential though, dwhX will adjust its brightness at nighttime. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback for us, please get in touch with us: dwhx@dasweissehaus.at.
Thanks for coming <3
Your dwhX team


DirectorAlexandra Grausam
Initiator / Head of ProgramFrederike Sperling
Digital Content ManagerAleksandra Czerniak
Project Coordinator – Chat SetKatja Stecher and Alexandra Uedl
Web DevelopmentMatthias Pitscher
Web DesignAliona Ciobanu

We would like to thank the following public funding institutions for their trust and support:

Funded by:

Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport (BMKOES)
Cultural Department of the City of Vienna (MA7)
Vienna Business Agency in the framework of Creatives for Vienna

We want to thank the ever-growing group of people who have shaped dwhX thus far:

Gabriella Chihan Stanley, Kathy Cho, Axel Dietrich, Eva Ebersberger, Judith Fegerl, Paul Feigelfeld, Eva Fischer, Juliana Furthner, August Grausam, Maxime Grausam, Lena Rosa Händle, Matthias Klien, Philipp Krummel, Nika Kupyrova, Katja Stecher, Aline Lenzhofer, Pia Wamsler, Lavinia Lanner, Nicole Fölß, Saša Gašparovičová, Bibi Resetarits, Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, Astrid Peterle, Kosta Tonev, and many more…