DWH x IC: Online Studios

Can the online space be a site for experimentation, for creative processes rather than a showcase for “presentable”, completed art works? What kind of conceptual, technical and ethical parameters would be needed to build a public and mobile space that artists can access at any time?

In the course of a practice-led seminar lasting several weeks, dwhX and students of the Kunstuniversität Linz have discussed questions such as these and developed parameters for artist studios that operate online. They learned how to utilize hypertext documents to bring their thoughts to life and create experimental and unique stories with playful interactions.

Where studio space becomes increasingly unaffordable, a growing number of web residencies are being offered. Centralised platforms like Instagram serve as self-promotional tools, oftentimes used to present works-in-progress. In light of this, it is urgent to critically reflect on the potentialities of the digital space and to collectively build viable routes and new infrastructures for artistic production.

Join Behiye Erdemir, Laura Cassol Sôro, Maria Orciuoli, Doğuş Karlik, and Kristina Tica in their exploration of what an online studio could be.

Until December 2022